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Understanding Intent Is Your Path To Conversions

Keyword Research Reduces Ad Costs and Increases Sales

Keyword researchThe words you use make all the difference. With digital marketing the right keywords saves money. Identifying the keywords and keyword phrases used by your target prospects and using them within the right stage of your marketing tactics can transform a lack-luster digital marketing campaign into a winning new sales generation pipeline.

Digital marketing is all about creating well defined sales goal conversion funnels from interested, to engaged to ready to by and converted.  By understanding the INTENT behind your selected keywords you can effectively connect them to ads that lead to the appropriate stage of the prospect’s decision process. This means your PPC ads target the right intent and are connected to the appropriate landing page that answers the questions they have. Your SEO attracts qualified traffic and delivers them to the appropriate page, website content is optimized to answer the visitors needs directly and starting them on a path to converting into a sale or customer.

Keyword Strategy Funnel for Refined Targeting and Optimal Cost Performance

Keyword Intent Funnel

At the top of your sales funnel we target generic keywords to introduce your service to an interested but broad audience. In many cases this is a generic product, service or destination question, EG: Rental Cars

More specific keyword phrases give us a better understanding of the searchers intent so we are able connect that visitor with the exact answer, service or product they were seeking. We call these “Mid Funnel” Keywords.
EG: Luxury Rental Cars In San Diego

Long detailed keyword phrases indicate the visitor knows exactly what they want and if they are presented with a perfect match to their query they are highly likely to convert. These keyword searches are called “bottom funnel” terms and are generally lower in traffic volume but convert into a sale at a far higher rate. EG: Luxury Rental Car Agencies San Diego That Accept AMEX.

As you can see from the simple example above, each stage calls for a very different ad. By developing focused keyword sets based upon your visitor’s exact intent and matching them to your ads and landing pages to deliver the exact answer increases the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns. When you have highly focused intent driven marketing you pay only for qualified clicks, your sales team fields only qualified prospects and your entire operation benefits.

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