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Local Business Marketing

Internet Marketing For Local Business

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What is included in our Local marketing service

Today a consumer's buying process involves multiple interactions with your company online and offline. From responding to ads, to ratings, reviews, recommendations by friends and even incentives like coupons are all part of the process. All of these activities are tied to your website and through your website a marketer can monitor their performance. No longer can a local business just rely on one form of marketing to generate their leads and sales, they need to have a complete solution.

Lead Discovery has over 16 years experience designing and developing websites, conducting social media, and running all aspects of internet marketing campaigns. We understand that the cost to hire a full service marketing agency has previously been out of reach for many local businesses. The fact is, over time technology and tools have made this form of marketing much more effective, faster and therefore less expensive. Unfortunately, the big brand agencies don't want you to know this, and they continue to charge premium prices. Lead Discovery is once again breaking the mold. We are passing the savings that technology and experience brings us, over to you.

Lead Discovery conducts all aspects of your online marketing

Website Design and Development
Don't have a website for your business? Is your website outdated and stale? Lead Discovery will create a new website or update your existing website so that your traffic converts in to leads and sales.

Website Management
Our guess is that you would frequently update your website, add new features, content and offers if you didn't have to do it yourself. Or pay through the nose for an agency to update it for you. We work with you to keep your website up to date, fresh, and continuously interesting to your visitors.

Local Business Listings:
There are over 135 local business listing directories that can produce qualified traffic for you. These directories allow you to customize your business profile with pictures, videos, social links and more. As part of our service we set up your listings and leverage them to drive new traffic to your website.
See Local Business Listings Details

Local Search Marketing
Paid search marketing is when you pay to have ads run on websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. When a searcher clicks on your ad you pay a small click fee. Local search marketing uses pay per click ads, however your ads are tied to local search results, local business directories, Maps, Videos, local business review sites and more. Your ads will be targeted to the right people living in the right location for your service. Local search marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to drive new business consistently and immediately.

Local Social Marketing
Word of mouth and personal referrals has been the lifeblood of many quality companies. Today, consumers do their research and look for recommendations online. They get feeback from their friends on social sites like Facebook, but other times by reading personal reviews left by your customers. Your company needs to be part of their conversation. With Lead Discovery we get your business to be part of these conversations. This area of marketing is vast and represents a major opportunity to grow your business. Read more about Local Social Marketing here (its not all hype!).

Connecting your physical business with the online world
You may have a physical store front. If so, how can you leverage the internet to turn one time customers into repeat customers? How can you engage a walk in customer to communicate with you online? Lead Discovery has many proven methods to help you achieve this. From signage using QR codes, to printed promotions with links, coupons and incentives we find ways to engage your real world traffic. Once engaged we start a relationship with them online, one you can nurture into long term business.

Search Engine Optimization:
Many companies charge a premium for SEO. Lead Discovery will optimize your website with keywords that are based on the right intent for your business as an ongoing service to generate top rankings in search engines.

Analytics and reporting:
If you can measure it, you can improve it. The best part about online marketing is that you can measure your performance in real time! Just like reconciling the register at the end of the day, we can reconcile your marketing efforts and make sure that your campaigns are within budget and on target to meet your goals.
Read: Local Business Reporting

Lead Delivery and Lead Management:
Do you have a way to track your online sales? Capture leads? Deliver leads to your sales team?
We will integrate your website with any leading lead management systems such as Leads360, Lead Master, etc so your leads will be in your pipeline instantly.

Continuous Consulting on Online Marketing Issues.
You're faced with a number of opportunities to market your company, from SEO, to PPC, to phone, radio, TV and direct marketing. Lead Discovery will be your impartial consultant on all matters and will help guide you in understanding how these services work, the pros and cons, and help you see how they may fit in with your overall marketing strategy.

Online Marketing consists many elements each requiring special expertise. Large businesses with large budgets have been able to conduct each and every one of these elements. Now with Lead Discovery's efficient pricing small to mid-sized businesses can have the big agency impact at a small business price. Discover Your Lead!

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