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Local Social Media Marketing

Generating Word of Mouth Referrals

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People Are Talking Behind Your Back!

Local Social Media MarketingHas your business been living on word of mouth referrals, but have seen those referrals slow down? Today, word of mouth referrals are moving online.

  • Your prospects ask their friends for business recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • They read customer reviews on you and look up customer ratings on websites like yelp, YahooLocal and Google Places.
  • They may even watch a few videos at YouTube about hiring a service like yours.
  • Consumers have a vast amount of information they can tap into on social websites which they use to make buying decisions.
  • This consumer research is being done on the PC , mobile phone and iPad.

You're a fly on the wall

Think of going to a party where all your current customers, potential customers, industry associations and competitors are all there in the same room.

The conversations are flying - complaints, recommendations, new ideas, and praise is heard echoing around the room. That would be a treasure trove of very useful information for your business, right?

What if you could be a fly on the wall - a fly with an amazing memory that could listen to each and every conversation, remember who was doing the talking and save all that information in an organized file for you to respond to later? That is what our local social media marketing services will do for you (minus being an ugly fly).

Listening, Responding and Publishing

With Lead Discovery's Social Media services we will create a Listening, Responding and Publishing dashboard. With it we will monitor the internet for social conversations based on any keyword phrase relating to your business. Your business' name, your competitor's name, or any search phrase you want to know about that relates to your service. All of these conversations are then captured and organized into a simple to use dashboard like an email in-box where we can respond to these conversations, answer questions, learn about new ideas, thank people for recommendations, solve concerns and ultimately creating a very positive onine reputation for your company.

Building a list of influencers:
A powerful result of listening beyond creating a positive reputation, is that we can identify specific people that are advocating for your business. We add these people to your social lists, just like a traditional marketing list, so you can reach out to them at anytime with important communications. By nurturing your online advocates over time you can build a self sustaining lead generation network all based upon customer referrals.

Schedule and Publish Content:
Now that you know what your customers are talking about it is easy to come up with information, articles, products and services to share with them. Our social media content marketing services will schedule your targeted content for delivery to your online followers. With our publishing services we will continuously engage your customers with relevant content creating awareness and new business.

In person word of mouth is still very valuable, however Lead Discovery can show you how to tap into the large and powerful online referral sources to grow your business.

A Free Social Marketing Report

Let us generate a report to show you exactly what your customers are talking about, who they are referring and how you can start generating new business through social marketing.

Call us at 1-760-295-4956 or request a social media marketing quote