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Pay Per Click Management Can Quickly Create Sales for Your Company.

  • Is your PPC a single tactic or is it connected to your full customer acquisition strategy?
  • Are you hitting your conversion goals? Exceeding them?
  • Would you like to prove your PPC advertising budget is generating a return every day?
  • Can you determine the cost to generate one new customer, daily?
  • Would you like to target a specific prospect’s need, age, gender, job title or company?

Lead Discovery’s Pay Per Click Management Services can give you this pinpoint accuracy.

Reaching Scale Quickly with Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC is the tip of the marketing spear that allows businesses to instantly reach well defined prospects while controlling each marketing variable with an unmatched level of precision.

PPC allows us to introduce your company’s product or service to the ideal audience at the exact time and place they are seeking it. Our PPC campaigns work in synergy with your customer journey, nurturing them through each stage and through to conversion. We achieve this through PPC re-marketing that allows us to tag your visitors and deliver a different ad to them at each stage of their decision process, over minutes or months. Through device targeting we take advantage of low cost advertising to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. We tightly test and improve your PPC marketing campaigns through A/B testing, and conversion analytics. The end result is that we can and will increase your sales while decreasing your cost per acquisition.

Have you attempted PPC advertising on your own and achieved less than exciting results, or hired a self proclaimed professional only to have them burn through your budget with little to no sales? Pay Per Click management is a complex and time consuming game that requires years of experience to master. Success in PPC requires that you not only have mastered the PPC tools, but you have also mastered the art of understanding your customer’s business model and translating that into a connected PPC campaign.

Lead Discovery has been developing Pay Per Click Strategies and managing pay per click campaigns since 2001. We provide PPC management services for all major search engines and social sites including Google adwords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our San Diego Pay Per Click Management Services Include:

  • A dedicated PPC Consultant who works directly with you.
  • Review your business model, sales strategy, value proposition and align with PPC campaigns.
  • Conduct In-depth keyword research and define your keyword set.
  • Create intent driven Pay Per Click campaign structure.
  • Develop text, video, image and rich media ads.
  • Construct targeted landing pages.
  • Implement web analytics tracking.
  • Test, evaluate and refine your PPC campaigns.
  • Daily PPC Management activities to keep your advertising performing at its highest level.

 PPC Management Pricing

Get professional ppc management of your advertising campaigns and proven results at one low, dependable, flat fee price. No long term contracts and no high minimum ad spend requirements.

We’re really friendly geeks who love to demonstrate the potential of PPC advertising in non-tech terms!

Digital Marketing Audit

Lack luster results with your digital marketing? Let us evaluate your tactics against your goals and deliver to you a realistic plan to grow your business. We can quickly identify revenue producing opportunities.


SEO is not magic or complicated, but the tactics need to be understood and addressed frequently to be successful . Enter in your website domain and in seconds you'll get a complete SEO report for free.


Effective use of data is the key to successful campaigns and higher profits. Our free Analytics audit will show you how we will leverage our knowledge and tools to turn your data into actionable insights to drive increased conversions and sales.

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