Real Time Sales Leads

Real Time Lead Delivery System

Lead Discovery puts real time leads into your hands using our online Lead Management Control Panel, which comes free with your account. Using the online lead management control panel not only are the leads delivered in real time, but you can also download leads in csv format to upload into your sales automation system or you can use our lead assignment and distribution system to work the leads. Below is a brief description of how our leads are generated and delivered to you.

Step 1 – Online Advertising

Lead Discovery spends over 6 million dollars a year in digital advertising on the Internet’s most respected search engines, news, finance, debt relief and cultural portals. This visitor traffic is directed to one of our online properties where the visitor can learn more about the topic they were searching for.

Step 2 – Answer the visitors questions

The visitor requests information or a consultation by submitting an online form. At all times the visitor is fully aware that they are requesting to be contacted by a company who offers a related service. The data from this online request is stored in our lead management system.

Step 3 – Test for Lead Quality

All of our new leads are tested for quality. We verify that each of our leads have at least 2 valid contact methods.

Step 4 – Deliver Leads in Real Time

After the lead has been validated it is made available in real time to a lead alliance partner who has matching criteria. The Lead Alliance partner uses their online Lead management Control panel to manage their new leads. Leads can also be delivered to your lead management system in real time. Lead Discovery is partnered with all major lead management software services including:

We will integrate with your preferred lead management system for free.

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