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Purchase Self Generated Sales Leads

Lead Discovery is different. Key factors to keep in mind:

  • We generate all of our own leads from our own marketing.
  • We tell the truth in our ads and websites, no watered down marketing here.
  • We do not purchase leads nor use affiliate programs.
  • Our leads are full form leads which further screen out unqualified prospects
  • We have a 100% return policy for leads that are unqualified or have invalid contact information.
  • All your leads come with the website URL from where they are generated.
  • We do not resell our leads as aged leads so you always have time to make the sale.
  • We do not sell to other lead providers ensuring the leads are not resold many times over.
  • Our leads are sold Semi-exclusive. 2 companies only delivered simultaneously.
  • Some lead types are offered as exclusive leads as can be seen below.

All our lead purchasing clients are reviewed to ensure they offer ethical and legitimate services.

Debt Lead Prices

Lead Types
Minimum Monthly Order
Per Lead Pricing
 Times Sold
Tax Relief Leads: 10 $60  2x
Debt Settlement leads:
Student Loan Relief Leads:
Credit Counseling/Debt Management Leads:
Debt Consolidation leads:
Foreclosure Relief leads
No min. $45 Exclusive
Mortgage & Refinance Leads: No min. $85  Exclusive
Low Credit Card Debt leads: No Min. $10  Exclusive!
A unique one time offer, we are seeking one to two companies to purchase our high volume of low credit card debt leads.  These prospects have between $5,000 and $10,000 of credit card debt and are asking for help. Call: 760-295-4956

Branded and Exclusive Leads for your Business

Purchasing leads is a fantastic way to supplement your lead flow and feed your sales team. However, we all know that a prospect who has contacted your company directly is the highest qualified lead you can get.

Take a look at our Digital Marketing Services. We can build lead generation campaigns for YOUR company and start to deliver brand aware, high quality leads directly to your sales team within days. Branded campaigns are best for businesses who spend more than $2,500 a month in advertising and want to control their lead flow with certainty.

Call us at 760-295-4956
or Contact Us online and we’ll create an exclusive lead generation potential report and quote for your review.

Want To Generate More Leads for Your Business? See how:

Digital Marketing Audit

Lack luster results with your digital marketing? Let us evaluate your tactics against your goals and deliver to you a realistic plan to grow your business. We can quickly identify revenue producing opportunities.


SEO is not magic or complicated, but the tactics need to be understood and addressed frequently to be successful . Enter in your website domain and in seconds you'll get a complete SEO report for free.


Effective use of data is the key to successful campaigns and higher profits. Our free Analytics audit will show you how we will leverage our knowledge and tools to turn your data into actionable insights to drive increased conversions and sales.

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