Local Search Marketing

Let PPC Drive New Business With Local Targeting

Target Your Ideal Customer Only When They Express Real Interest

When your ideal customer searches for a local business their intention is to make a decision right then and there. Is your business there to be part of their selection process?

Google Maps Paid SearchPaid Search Advertising gives local businesses a high degree of control over what time of day your ads are seen, on which websites they are displayed, and what types of consumers will see them. With Lead Discovery Local Search Marketing we make sure your business is in front of your target customers no matter where they search.

But we don’t stop there. Your best customers tend to seek out information in a number of places before they make a decision. With Paid Search in combination with our local business directory service, and Social Media Promotion we will ensure that your business will be visible to your potential customers at every stage of their selection process. When your competitors are missing from an important touch point they are filtered out of the selection process, meanwhile you will remain visible and a top candidate to win their business.

Many business owners have been burned with paid search, the fact is that pay per click marketing has become very complex and the inexperienced have found out the hard way that you can spend a lot of money fast, without positive results. Fortuntely, this complexity is also why pay per click is so powerful. As PPC marketers the complex features give us the high degree of control necessary to run effective lead generation campaigns for you. This includes competing with your deep pocket competitors even using a small budget.

Lead Discovery Local search marketing will set up your paid search campaigns, create your ads, select your local placements, manage your budget and most importantly provide you with daily web analytic reports to ensure you are renerating a positive ROI.

Work with Lead Discovery and see how local businesses are growing in this challenging economy. With a local online marketing strategy, leveraging technology and applying marketing savvy Lead Discovery can make 2019 a great year for your local business.

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