How We Generate Leads

...And Why It Matters To You

When selecting an outside source to generate sales leads the number one factor to determine is how that company markets your industry to generate a lead, NOT the price they are charging. Here is why.

What to avoid:

Misleading advertising
Many lead vendors simply produce vague, misleading even false advertisements and sell these leads to any debt relief company no matter the debt service they offer. The most popular trick is what we call “The Dream Blend”. The advertisements used promote the benefits of all debt relief solutions as if they are the benefits of just one solution. For example;

Get a free debt relief consultation today:

  • One low monthly payment
  • Lower your interest rates
  • Stop all creditor phone calls
  • Reduce your debts by 75%

As you can see these are the benefits of credit counseling, consolidation loans and debt negotiation mixed together. The consumer expects one thing and when you call, they get something totally different. Some vendors do this on purpose, but many do this because they do not understand the debt relief industry. By misleading consumers and selling the lead many times over to you and your competitors they can offer lower prices and still make a huge profit. You lose, the consumer loses and they win.

Lead Churn from Lead Brokers

Suppose a consumer completes an online request from an ad like the one described above. The lead vendor sells this lead to two more lead vendors, and they in-turn sell them to 4 more lead brokers and they sell them to their clients. Within 24 hours the lead could have been sold 40 times or more! You are told these are real time exclusive leads, but your closing ratio suggests otherwise. We know you have experienced this, you have to know the origin of your leads to be sure of their quality.

Affiliate programs

Surprisingly even some respectable lead generation services use open affiliate programs. Once again this falls under the category of diluted advertising. There is no way to control or verify how the affiliate generated the lead, when it was generated and how many times it was sold.  There is one way to allow affiliates to work to generate leads using only the companies ads, but this is a highly controlled program rarely used by lead brokers.

How Lead Discovery is changing the game

Lead Discovery seeks long term business relationships with respectable companies. We know we have a responsibility and commitment to both the consumer and our business partners. The fundamental difference between us and them is that we act as if we are part of your company. Since we offer a 100% return guarantee we are financially accountable for the performance of the leads. This gives us a high incentive to market and generated qualified leads. This is how we do it:

Lead Discovery spends over $6 million dollars annually marketing our debt relief, Tax Relief and solutions for over 12 industries. We do all of our marketing in-house so we know the origin of every lead. The advertisements used in these marketing campaigns are driven by our lead partners performance feedback and are fine tuned with the in-depth behavioral data we have collected over the past 18 years. This means we don’t just publish generic sensational ads, we devise honest and engaging ads targeted at qualified prospects.

Our website properties are full of relevant information. We are not here to take sides on any particular debt relief solution. We clearly explain the benefits and drawbacks to each debt relief option. This way consumers qualify themselves to become your lead. When they talk to you they will have a fundamental understanding of your model to make an informed decision quickly.

  • We do not mix the benefits of all debt relief solutions into one advertisement.
  • We do not buy leads from or sell to lead vendors
  • We do not participate in any affiliate program
  • We do not use marketing lists.
  • We do not use email campaigns nor telemarketing.
  • We do not use pop ups or pop under ads
  • We do not use any incentive based marketing

Instead we place our targeted advertisements on the Internet’s most respected properties. Our experienced marketing team uses a suite of analytical tools to monitor, analyze and refine our campaigns in real time. This gives us the ability to ensure we are producing the highest quality leads at the lowest cost possible.

This is how we make our profit, we don’t trick you or the consumer, we earn it with smart, honest marketing.

Put marketing experience to work for you and join the lead alliance program today. Your registration and account set-up is free.

Work qualified leads for once! Discovery your lead!

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