Digital Marketing for Companies Determined to Grow

Lead Discovery’s Digital Marketing services provides logically connected digital marketing strategies that will generate prospects, increase sales and grow your bottom line.

Understanding how to target and engage your highest value customers at the time and place where they are making buying decisions takes expertise within each digital marketing discipline.

From our 19 years of online experience and management of millions of marketing dollars we have learned how to create interconnected digital marketing strategies that dramatically expands your reach into targeted audiences. Once engaged our marketing automation nurtures these new prospects at critical times throughout their buying decision cycle until they convert into a lead or a sale.

Digital marketing success comes from a strategic plan, a connected marketing platform and diligent execution. A highly connected and automated marketing model such as this has traditionally been out of financial reach for small and growing business. Lead Discovery has bridged this gap.

  • Everything we build for you is 100% owned by you
  • We audit your entire digital strategy
  • We define your exact target audience and where to find them online
  • We analyze competitive intelligence to beat your competition
  • We show you how to create an affordable and efficient marketing automation platform
  • We execute on your strategy and empower your team to collaborate on hitting goals
  • Together we deliver efficient lead generation and sales conversion optimization

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Loyalty LoopA Digital marketing strategy is based on how your customers move through a series of purchasing decisions. At each decision point your digital marketing is there to influence your prospect. Our strategies work to introduce, engage, and convert your visitors into customers then gain their loyalty to produce positive ratings and reviews. When all marketing elements are in place they work together to produce dramatic results.

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Web Design and Development Services

Multi-Device Web DesignsCreative, clean and easy to use websites are a hallmark of our designs. More importantly our websites are developed so that updates are easy and new features are simple to add, so as your company grows your website can grow with it. Designed with SEO and sales conversions in mind all of our websites include logical sales goal funnels that are tracked with robust analytical reporting.

Review our website design portfolio and read a bit more on our user experience philosophy.

Pay Per Click Management Services

PPC Management AgencyWith over a 18 years of experience in pay per click marketing we have the knowledge to generate low cost prospects and sales for your business. There is a reason PPC has put Radio, TV and Print advertising on the ropes. PPC can target, track, report and adjust to your customers’ interests in near real time. Our experience cuts out the trial and error of other ppc companies and will get your pay per click campaigns generating low cost leads quickly.

See how our PPC management services differ in how we identify and engage your audience with intent based PPC marketing.

Local Digital Marketing Services

Local Marketing ServicesLocal businesses work within the same loyalty loop model, but have very specific local marketing tactics. Your customers are seeking trustworthy companies to do business with in their town. We ensure that your business is represented on local directories, ranked highly for local searches, and target your advertising to an exact geographical location. Through social media marketing we continue the relationship with your customers and generate positive ratings and reviews that in turn help drive free online “word of mouth” referrals. We get your past customers to generate new sales for you, that is when your marketing really takes off.

Keyword Research Services

Keyword researchYour customers search with specific keywords to find products and services. The level of detail in these words shows their intent. By connecting the keyword searches with advertising and web pages that match their intent you logically answer their questions. A well researched set of keywords will attract the right customers, promote top search engine rankings and lower ppc advertising costs.

See how we research intent driven keywords for your business

Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services

SEO Company San DiegoImagine owning the top position on search engines for keywords that matter to your business. Combine that with targeted ads and social media ratings and reviews and you have the makings of a marketing campaign that will drive new leads and new business.

Learn how our SEO services impact more than just search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing Services

San Diego Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media is more than just posting tweets on twitter or chatting about the weather of Facebook. A well defined social media strategy will make you part of all online conversations about your business or industry, connect you to a wide audience and build lists of interested customers that you can nurture through to a sale. We will manage your social media marketing from start to finish so you won’t have to worry about finding the time.

Learn how our social media marketing strategies will finally make sense out of social media for your business.

Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing agency san diegoInteract with a rapidly growing base of customers who use mobile devices. Customers have gone mobile with smart phones now accessing the internet more often than PCs. By advertising to this mobile audience and bringing them to a custom mobile website experience your company can tap into a new area of lead generation.

Learn how we make mobile website development and marketing easy for your business.

Image Marketing Services

Image marketing servicesImages from your website are being shared all throughout the internet. Don’t fight it, promote it! Our Image marketing services optimizes your product and service images for top search engine rankings so visitors will find and share them on their social networks. You can reach into a vast pool of prospects with the images you already own!

Learn how our image marketing services can generate new customers and grow your social audience.

Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing ServicesContent is any form of information that you create and share. Lead Discovery’s content marketing services will help you develop the content your customers desire and deliver it directly to them while they are considering your product or service. With a creative flare your content will be shared resulting in interested visitors to your website.

Learn how we create a content marketing strategy to deliver qualified traffic to your website. Or Get a Free Content Marketing Quote

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing AgencyWith being the second largest search engine in the world it is clear video represents a fantastic opportunity to generate new customers. But it doesn’t stop there. What if you had a television program of your own? is growing into a bona fide TV station of its own with companies like yours creating video channels where consumers can watch their videos on HDTVs. Yes, YouTube will soon become a TV station just like any other reaching a national audience except, you get to have your own program to run FOR FREE.

Learn how we can help you take on video marketing affordably.
Or Get a free Video Marketing Evaluation now.

Web Analytics

Website Analytics tracking and analysisWeb analytics is the practice of tracking and measuring everything about your online marketing strategy. Through tracking your visitors’ behaviors we can understand which marketing ideas are working and which are not. We cut away the bad and build on the good. Over time we will use your web analytics to refine your marketing efforts into an efficient and financially rewarding lead generation process. Through daily reports Web analytics will give you proof that you are getting a return on every marketing dollar you spend.

Learn how Web Marketing Analytics is an essential piece to generating new business at the lowest cost possible.

Let us conduct a free Web Analytics Evaluation . We show you how to setup a professional website tracking system and we’ll provide you our analysis on the website visitor data already available.  Get your website tracking in order today.

Connect with Lead Discovery

Digital marketing can seem overwhelming, and that is why we are here, to answer your questions. take care of developing an effective strategy and managing all of the technical details for you. At the end of the day we know what you want, new customers, and that is a goal Lead Discovery’s Digital Marketing Services will deliver on.

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Digital Marketing Audit

Lack luster results with your digital marketing? Let us evaluate your tactics against your goals and deliver to you a realistic plan to grow your business. We can quickly identify revenue producing opportunities.


SEO is not magic or complicated, but the tactics need to be understood and addressed frequently to be successful . Enter in your website domain and in seconds you'll get a complete SEO report for free.


Effective use of data is the key to successful campaigns and higher profits. Our free Analytics audit will show you how we will leverage our knowledge and tools to turn your data into actionable insights to drive increased conversions and sales.

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