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SEO company San DiegoAchieving top search engine rankings (SERPs)is a highly valued goal of many businesses. Lead Discovery knows that the key to success in SEO is not just high traffic volume alone, it’s the quality of traffic that you generate.

We take great pride in our ability to analyze your business, your customers and value propositions then develop them into rich, intent driven keyword sets that will be used to drive QUALITY prospects that convert into sales.

An SEO Company with white hat optimization techniques only

We use only white hat search engine optimization methods that are compliant with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing keeping your business safe from dramatic ranking drops. We perform in-depth on page technical SEO as well as proven off-page search engine optimization including local marketing, social marketing, link building and citation building techniques to gain long lasting, top rankings for the keyword phrases that drive bottom line revenue. This combination of on-page SEO and off-page SEO is critical for long term and stable search engine rankings.

SEO and Social Media – Holistic SEO

Lead Discovery uses a tightly integrated SEO and Social marketing campaign strategy because these two marketing tactics overlap and support each other in many ways. Search Engines are now using social indicators to evaluate the worth of your website and rank it accordingly. Social indicators are items such as the number of facebook likes, google plus ones, yelp reviews, BBB ratings, company mentions (citations) and links on sites leading to your website. If you conduct a search on Google they now present to you websites that are related to your social activity, even the social activities of your friends, colleagues and family. The same is true for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social websites. Search results are being driven by your prospect’s social interactions. The combination of technical website optimization with social promotion to achieve the highest value for your website is what we call holistic search engine optimization.

SEO Rank and Analytical Reporting

Promises are promises but the proof is in the performance. Lead Discovery tracks and reports search engine optimization performance for our clients weekly. These are detailed reports that include your search engine rank for website, video, images, citations, customer mentions reviews and more. Better yet is we will match your performance up against your top 3 SEO competitors so you can be sure to outpace them. SEO traffic is great, but it means nothing if it does not result in revenue! Our SEO Reporting described above is combined with rich web analytics that will show you if your traffic is converting into customers.

Confused about what marketing activity resulted in a visit or sale? We hear this a lot from business owners; “It wasn’t SEO it was my radio commercial, or PPC ad, or post on Facebook that resulted in the sale”. We get it, it can be confusing and confusion results in assumptions. We don’t like assumptions! The fact is, it was probably all of these activities. Our Web Traffic reporting clears this issue up by doing something amazing; we know exactly how and where each of your visits came from over time. For example a customer came to your site 5 times over a 3 nweek period. Once by a paid ad (PPC), three times by an organic search (SEO) and the last time they went directly to your website from a bookmark and converted into a sale. Each of these types of visits attributed towards the sale. Through our attribution reports we can show you exactly how your SEO campaigns are attributing to your sales. No more guessing, no more assumptions about how SEO is impacting your bottom line.

SEO Keyword Optimization for Pay Per Click

SEO is used for more than just a search engine’s organic rankings. Did you know that Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are also ranked using many of the same factors used for your organic rankings?  A well optimized PPC landing page can result in higher ad rankings a lower cost per click and increased traffic. It is a key component of successful PPC management. SEO services do not stop with search engine rankings, it impacts all areas of digital marketing.

Proof Is In The Pudding

How did you find us today? We’re confident it was through an Internet Search perhaps for an “SEO Company” and found us highly ranked. For over 16 years Lead Discovery has provided SEO services in San Diego. Each of our SEO clients works directly with a dedicated seo professional who is DOING their actual work. We don’t require long term contracts and put the onus on us to perform for you. Professional representation, honest search optimization, accurate reports and proof of performance all at a small business price. Work with an honest SEO company in san diego and Discover Your Lead!

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