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The Leads We Generate and How We Generate Them

Sales leads are the lifeblood of many companies, yet the time, knowledge and expertise needed to generate quality leads and efficiently distribute them to your sales force can be extremely difficult to handle in-house. One day without leads or a week of poor quality can kill revenue goals for a month.

In order to generate the highest quality leads marketing information must be shared between the sales floor and the marketing team. When this feedback is captured and used to refine online marketing campaigns you have in essence the makings of a Lead Discovery quality lead.

This is why Lead Discovery’s philosophy is to act as your marketing partner¬†who through collaboration generates quality prospects, not a distant lead generator who doesn’t understand the nature of your business. We narrow the distance between our marketing message and your actual sales pitch creating a connected experience for the prospect. We call this a Lead Generation Alliance.

With our Lead Generation Alliance you are not rolling the dice, buying leads from little known vendors and fighting for refunds, you’re outsourcing the generation of qualified prospects so you will be spending more time focusing on your core business and closing more sales.

How does the Lead Generation Alliance program work?

Lead Discovery has an in depth conversation with you to understand the exact type of services you are offering. We then educate you on the industries we service and the way we use digital marketing to generate prospects you may purchase. If there is a solid match between our marketing message and your service(s) we have the makings of a successful relationship.

We generate and sell leads for the following industries:

Debt Settlement Debt Management Debtor Education Course
Debt negotiation leads
Debt settlement leads
Debt reduction leads
Lawyer based debt settlement
Performance based debt settlement
Debt Management Leads
Debt Consolidation leads
Credit Counseling leads
Pre Filling Debtor Education
Post Filling Debtor Education
Mortgage and Refinance Tax Relief Services Home Foreclosure Help

Home Purchase Leads
Mortgage Refinance Leads

Tax Auditing Leads
Tax Relief Leads
** This category is near capacity.
Pre-home foreclosure leads
Foreclosure mitigation leads
Foreclosure education
Foreclosure defense

Stop rolling the dice with lead vendors who are buying, selling and reselling leads to you and all of your competitors at the same time. Stop searching for the all in one, Internet marketing genius employees – we’ve hired him and her. Instead, focus on your core business, take control of your lead flow, generate quality leads, by making Lead Discovery part of your team.

Create a free lead purchasing account today and see why Lead Discovery is the leader in lead generation.

Want To Generate More Leads for Your Business? See how:

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Lack luster results with your digital marketing? Let us evaluate your tactics against your goals and deliver to you a realistic plan to grow your business. We can quickly identify revenue producing opportunities.


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Effective use of data is the key to successful campaigns and higher profits. Our free Analytics audit will show you how we will leverage our knowledge and tools to turn your data into actionable insights to drive increased conversions and sales.

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