In Harmony With Your Target Audience

Form follows function. Creating a visually attractive web design that supports your brand identity is clearly important. However, Lead Discovery believes that visual web design must be built on top of a strategic understanding of your customers’ navigation behaviors and the features necessary to bring them to a buying decision.

At the most basic level your website visitors are on a mission of discovery. They have questions they want answered and use keyword phrases on search engines to seek out those answers. Intent driven marketing ensures you’re driving traffic with the proper intent. Then it is your website that must effortlessly introduce that prospect to the answer they were seeking. A quality web design will lead your prospect through specific pages necessary to take them from an initial research mindset, to a purchasing decision. The information layout and related pages that drive navigation are what we call a sales goal funnel and it is a critical component to every web design. When a goal driven navigation is identified in your web design it can then be efficiently tracked, analyzed refined and optimized.

Imagine creating a retail store without a floor plan and the use of an accounting package? It may look beautiful, but you as a business owner would have no understanding of nor control over consumer behavior. Your website design must be created with an in-depth understanding of how visitors navigate a website.  A web design created with analytical tracking in mind and one that can track all of your visitor’s movements through your sales goal funnels. With this in place, areas where visitors leave or get lost can be identified and corrected. Strong areas can teach you what works so the same elements can be applied to other areas of your website.Over time your website can be optimized into a highly efficient lead and sales generation asset.

A winning website combines a beautiful design, pre-defined sales goal funnels and the ability to track and refine its performance. When you hire a web design agency, you need more than a visual designer, you need a company that understands your business and how it relates to an online audience.

Lead Discovery has designed numerous websites over the last 18 years for small businesses to global corporations who generate millions of dollars in revenue annually. We take great pride and responsibility in helping represent your brand online. In the end we create easy to use, beautiful designs that compels your visitors to take the actions which support your business goals.

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